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In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, no industry is completely safe. Non-essential businesses have closed down or changed their operations to respect CDC safety guidelines, and essential businesses are doing everything they can to stay CDC-compliant and protect their workers and consumers. Truckers are essential to keep the country running. The trucking industry is the lifeblood of nearly every other essential service, so be sure to thank any truckers you know for their hard work and dedication. 

Medical Supplies 

Hospitals are struggling to meet the increasing demand for their services, and a big part of that is keeping necessary supplies in stock. Truckers deliver essential supplies to hospitals across the country every single day. Masks, gloves, medical tools, and medications are in extremely high demand right now, making truckers more vital than ever in the process of diagnosing and treating patients. We’re extremely grateful for everyone working on the front lines to face this health crisis, and that includes the truckers who keep hospitals stocked with the supplies they need.

Grocery Stores

Everyone is rushing to grocery stores right now with the goal of stocking up. Canned foods, frozen foods, medicine, and toilet paper are flying off the shelves, leaving stores scrambling to keep up. Truckers are the ones driving hundreds of miles to deliver the products you’re buying, and they’re working overtime to keep up with the demand. When you see the grocery workers re-stocking their empty shelves, thank them for their hard work and remember the truck drivers who worked hard to deliver those supplies. 

How Life for Truckers is Changing

Truckers are vital to keep the country running, but they’ve had to make some difficult adjustments in their routines. Truck stops are extremely important in many ways. They allow truckers to shower, eat, rest, and take a break from the road when they get tired. Truckers have to travel hundreds of miles at a time, and this can get extremely difficult when you’re hungry, tired, or in need of a bathroom or shower break. Truckers are still on the roads, but truck stops have been closed in some states for being a non-essential service. This has been heartbreaking for the trucking industry, and it could lead to more accidents involving big rigs. If you’re a trucker, make sure to pull over and rest or order drive-thru when you need a break, and stay safe on the road. 

Get Back on the Road Fast with SOS Truck & Trailer Repair

Truckers are in higher demand than ever right now, and getting timely repairs when you need them is an important part of the job. With SOS Truck and Trailer Repair, we’ll fix your rig up in no time so you can get back on the road. While you’re waiting, you can help yourself to a shower or some down-time in our trucker lounge. Take care of yourself and your rig when you get service, repairs, and inspections from SOS Truck & Trailer Repair.

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