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Truck and rig drivers know that their vehicle is the powerhouse of all their work. If your truck is not being properly taken care of, you could be compromising its ability to work efficiently and effectively. We are going to explain some of the truck and rig maintenance steps every driver should take to ensure their vehicle is operating at peak performance. If your truck or trailer needs any services in Fort Worth, SOS Truck and Trailer Repair can quickly get you back on the road. Our 24/7 services will keep your truck rolling and get you back home safely!

Repair Damages

Constantly rolling down a highway takes a toll on your truck. Whether it is something that has occurred over time or has suddenly happened, it is important to take care of damages before they get any worse. Whether it is an issue with your tires, suspension, brakes or doors, do not let these go unattended to for very long. You never know what could cause further damage.

Lube and Oil Fill Ups

To keep all parts of your rig running smoothly, you want to get your oil changed regularly and lube services taken care of. Having these consistently done will prevent friction and excess stress on your engine. Also, be sure to keep your air and fuel filters in check. The last thing you want is for your truck to suddenly start tearing itself apart mid-drive.

Fabrication Upkeep

When your truck’s walls and doors begin falling apart, it impacts your ability to securely transport your cargo. Do not let your work be impacted by letting these things get out of hand. Go to a team who can provide high-quality fabrication work for any damages you have. Whether it is a small part or a full replacement, keep your truck’s fabrication in order so you can continue your high-quality work.

Preventative Maintenance

Any time you do preventative maintenance on your truck you are saving yourself time and money in the future. Get regular inspections on your truck to make sure it is more than prepared to make every trip safely and smoothly. Otherwise, you could be looking at long receipts from repairs and lost time for driving, which you definitely do not want!

SOS Truck and Trailer Repair: We Keep North Texas Trucks Rolling

Your truck is your main tool to perform your job well, which is why it is important to keep it in the most pristine condition. Repairing problems as soon as they occur and getting regular inspections is the best way to stay on the road. Otherwise, you will just cost yourself more time, money and headaches. Any truck and rig services you might need can be taken care of by SOS Truck and Trailer Repair. We provide all the services we mentioned above and many more. Give us a call at (817) 439-1406 or visit our website to get a quote. SOS’s 24/7 mobile repair team is ready to help you anywhere in the Fort Worth area. We are highly trained, always affordable and ready to come to the rescue.

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