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Most industries have suffered extreme losses due to COVID-19, but some are suddenly in such high demand that it’s hard to keep up. Medical supplies and grocery items are flying off the shelves, and stores are struggling to restock in time. Truckers who deliver items to stores and medical centers are also struggling to get these supplies in on time. The demand for truckers has skyrocketed, leaving the industry struggling to adapt. Here’s what’s going on in the trucking industry, and how drivers are handling it.

Emergency Regulation Changes

To keep up with the demand, some regulations have been suspended for trucking companies. One of the major changes is the suspension of mandatory rest stops. Truck drivers usually have to stop and rest after 14 hours of driving. This rule has been temporarily suspended so truckers can get to their destinations faster. They are still required to take a 10 hour break after every delivery, and to pull over for rest if they get drowsy. This change has been controversial because it might put truckers and other drivers at risk, but most agree it’s necessary to get supplies to grocery stores and medical centers as soon as possible. 

Truck Stops Closing

One of the biggest problems facing truckers is the closing of truck stops and restaurants. Truck stops are one of the safest places for truckers to stop and nap when they get tired, and restaurants are a staple for truckers trying to recover from highway hypnosis. Truckers have to resort to pulling over on the side of the road or sleeping in random parking lots. They can get drive-thru food, but a lot of them miss the ability to spend some time away from the wheel during their travels. TA-Petro and the Pilot Company, two popular rest spots made for truckers, have closed their trucker lounges, gyms, and restaurants. Truckers can still get takeout and shower at their locations, but the sudden loss of luxury has lowered the morale among truckers. 

Diesel Prices Going Up

Gasoline prices have plummeted as shelter-in-place orders continue to keep people from leaving their homes, but the opposite is true for diesel. With truck drivers suddenly in much higher demand, diesel prices have gone up in the past few weeks. Truckers don’t have the luxury of camping out at home. They have to keep the country running with the delivery of necessities.

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