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Truck wheel alignment is vital to the safe operation of your truck. Having your wheels in proper alignment makes your rig more fuel-efficient and prolongs the life of your tires. SOS Truck and Trailer Repair in Fort Worth provides alignment checks as part of our preventive maintenance and new tire installation, and we will fix your alignment any time it’s needed. When your wheel alignment is off, it creates a dangerous situation where your wheel shakes or pulls to one side. You might have trouble controlling your vehicle, which could be hazardous to you and other drivers. Unfortunately, wheel misalignment can be caused by common road hazards like potholes and bumps. Wheel alignments are designed to realign wheels to a straighter position on the road for less roll resistance. Less roll resistance leads to better fuel efficiency, less tire wear, and less driver fatigue from fighting the wheel. Having your wheels realigned not only increases your safety, it can also improve your gas mileage and extend the life of your tires. Since these are the two biggest expenses truckers face, alignments are a cost-effective preventive measure.

Signs of Trouble

Have you noticed that your rig has been using more gas than usual? Have you felt the steering wheel shake or pull to one side? Is it getting harder to steer, leaving you feeling overly tired? All of these could signal a problem with your truck’s alignment.

Call SOS Truck and Trailer Repair when you notice any of the following problems:

  • Steering Wheel Vibrations
  • Steering Wheel Pulling
  • Uneven Tire Wear
  • Decreased Fuel Efficiency
  • Suspension Component Wear
  • Increased Driver Fatigue
Our team of experts will check your alignment and realign your tires if needed. We include this service as a part of our preventive maintenance, and any time you purchase new tires. We recommend having your alignment checked at least once a year.

Our Alignment Services

While any tire can get misaligned, it’s crucial to have your front tires aligned. The rear tires follow in their path; if the front tires are out of line, the rest will be, too.

Our alignment services include:

  • 2-Axle Alignment
  • 3-Axle Alignment
  • Alignment Check
  • Center Steering Wheel
  • Steer Axle Alignment
  • Trailer Alignment
Our crew works on every truck and trailer system, including wheels, axels, tires, brakes and suspension. When something goes wrong with your vehicle, come to our shop and get it fixed! We love meeting new customers, and we’re always happy to answer any questions you have.

SOS Truck and Trailer Repair: Your DFW Alignment Specialists

Whenever there’s a problem with your truck or trailer, SOS can handle it! We quickly assess the issue, fix it while you wait, and get you back on the road so you can start earning again. If your inspection is about to expire, come see us as soon as you can. SOS Truck and Trailer Repair is a licensed DOT inspection station for your convenience. Call us 24 hours for emergency assistance anywhere in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

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